" I believe in the sun even when it is not love even when I am alone...and in God even when He is silent."

inscription found scatched into a wall in Germany, by someone hiding from Nazi concentration camps

Monday, April 28, 2008

back from Chicago

We love that city....we love the family - The Sheperds- who treated us like was so good to get away and Paul is retiring to Chicago...of course that kills my dreams of living in an rv and stalking my married children! We had a great time...were able to catch a few of Jeremy's baseball games -see him and catch up. It was nice and we wish we had more time. We came back to our babysitter/friend who's truest statement was "I know why parents drink"...he had a weekend of a bathroom being flooded (Jake always wanted to know what would happen if he plugged a sink and walked away...well he found out and so did our dear friend Chris) and being locked out of a house and having to climb 2 stories to unlock it...and then kids making brownies and jake leaving a TRAIL of evidence. But the kids are happy/ and dad had a break (need to shop for a new babysitter of course!) and all is well. To the Sheperd family....we are adopting you whether you like it or not and just love you guys to pieces! Of course we'll be back to Chicago because 2 days are not nearly enough to eat your way through that city and there is a lot of unfinished business for Paul there!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Being a mom is SOOOOO rewarding

I just had to blog this day....
Shelby(10 and 9 months) wasn't happy with my attempts to help her with her math, and english homework...I wasn't able to correct and "do" her homework at the exact same, matching, identical, moment....and that was viewed as "not helping" or as most mothers will know from experience..."not giving them the answers so they don't have to use their precious little brain cells".
I gave her a dictionary to look up adverbs - which I had explained backwards, forwards, referenced, found examples of, and upside down explained...and I went to put Jake to bed (paul is out of town and will be till noon tomorrow...and then he and I leave at 2 for a weekend in Chicago)...(not that he would help the situation at all...not that he would even know that it was occuring....not that he would even realize he was in our home and not working....o.k. I do love my husband and he is wonderful....but it is always on us moms!)
o.k. this is getting long...and venting is I put Jake to bed to come out and find out from Sadie(9) that Shelby is asleep..."because she didn't want to get in trouble"...of course I asked Sadie "in trouble for what?" of which she informs me that Shelby has left me a treat on our kitchen island...which is about triple what most kitchen islands are....I go downstairs to find a note to Shelby's teacher telling her that her mom is mean...and other choice, sweet and oh, so kind words...this paper is of course soaking in blue gatorade, sprinkles, raisins, water, a pen, a pencil, gummy bear vitamins and to top it off...barbeque sauce! (my best friend Gil said I should have it on a plate waiting for her for breakfast tomorrow morning...and she told me to take a picture of it...thanks Gil!)
I love being a kids are the best....does anyone want to adopt!
I wasn't mad though...I actually was laughing....because we are going out of town tomorrow and the babysitter will have to dish out the punishment...I am so happy!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spring break 2008

We took some much needed family time and went hiking, put-putting (that's what it is called here in the south) and had a little spa treatment at our house. We went to Linville Falls and saw such beautiful scenery. It was good to get away together!

christmas 2007

notice no mommy and daddy...I had my tonsils out and couldn't eat solid food for weeks or talk...and lived in my jammies...but santa came...the cats didn't completely knock down the tree..almost...and aunt mo survived 2 weeks with us! Success and one picture of the kids!

Halloween 2007

The kids at Halloween...what variety! Shelby was Napolean Dynomite and boy did she play the part well! It was all about the candy for Jake...getting it and handing it out. Sadie was so sweet and wanted to keep the excitement going for was all about friends!

Jake and his buddy Clay....can you tell which one belongs to Paul and I? They are brothers at heart but not exactly twins...but they dance to the same beat!

kailee at Halloween last year. I'll post more photos as I learn the ropes on all of this. inspired me!

first blog for us

Ok this is foreign land for me...since I can barely keep up with I will try to make this pretty to keep everyone updated on our family! Love and Alohas to all!!

The Guthrie's in 2006

The Guthrie's in 2006