" I believe in the sun even when it is not love even when I am alone...and in God even when He is silent."

inscription found scatched into a wall in Germany, by someone hiding from Nazi concentration camps

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm always the last one to bed

So where do I sleep? Ever feel like this...and the first up in the morning...and the last to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. That's me...but as long as everyone else is happy then mom is happy (of course the cats and fish count too!) It's all worth it and even the cats feel comfortable in our home!
Also, this is my new hobby/business...I am always asked out here "where did you get that"(utah..and I know this is old stuff 4 you all) and now I can share and make it for others...and get my creative groove on!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Watch out Olivia Newton I come!

My friends are rallying around help me pull out of my un-expected, couldn't see this coming, where is the fun, depression of sorts. All of my kids are in school for a full day-7am to 3pm...even my little Jake! I feel like a mom with no purpose. In my head there is this battle between what I should be doing, what I could be doing, and what I used to do for 14 years. It doesn't help being stuck in a place in life where I don't know where we will be in 3 weeks and having a house that is not unpacked...I am the mom who loves to clean, cook and do laundry...all gone now...which takes me to Olivia Newton John!

Tomorrow I am being dragged to a Jazzercise class...yes I said it...a Jazzercise class. I shouldn't be blogging right now because I should be at wal-mart picking out my leotard suit, my leg-warmers, and my fuzzy headband! But before I do that I am going to practice my "jazz hands" in the mirror! Watch out Richard comes Jen!

It's easy to say...go get a pedicure...go grocery a book...but when you have structured your whole existence on being a mom...and they are gone for all those hours...part of you is lost and I am trying to find me again....I wouldn't have it any other way....and all of you will be here one day or have been here...the joy lays for now it is reading all the "twilight books" (I am half way through "Breaking Dawn") and eating poptarts while I sleep in/lay in bed till noon...and of course get my jazzercise groove on! Don't you wish you were me!!!?????

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Want to go for a bus ride...come on and get on!

So Jake has been a trooper-8 days and he happily gets on the bus. Our morning routine does involve his gripes about how tired HE is and how HE needs a break-but he goes and comes home one happy boy. Today we were not so fortunate.
The usual rhetoric went on and as usual I just ignore his words and go on with the morning and put forth my faith in him that he will wake up! The bus arrives and Sadie and I dash out the door-but today Jake won't follow. I pick him up and carry him as he grabs at anything and everything he can...the door jam...the suburban as I pass...trees...are you following me on this???? We get to the bus and the sweet bus driver pleas with him that all will be well...not for jake...not taking any bait..the bus is parked in the middle of the do know it is a felony to board a school bus...right? So I ask the driver..."can I walk him on?" She is so sweet...says "of course" but looks around like she hopes she won't get in trouble...bus still blocking street...Jake won't let me we drive off to the next and these pint sized kids no older than 7 except for Sadie. One kid shows me a treasure box...and me the 5foot 10 Mommy on the bus just taking a ride. Next stop...Jake still isn't giving I ask him if I can drive him to school...he agrees and Sadie, Jake and I get off the bus as the new kids at the new stop get on...with parents watching....and we take the hike back to our stop at our house...I drive them in and all is well. Jake comes home loving school and skipping to his own beat.....of course my head is dreaming of what tomorrow morning will bring!
I need to post on how this whole freedom while the kids are in school isn't what I thought it would be. I am bored and refuse to do laundry and cleaning...that isn't part of the dream I have been dreaming of for 14 more to come...just proud of me for posting....and riding the bus part of the way to school today! There is no tact in being a mom...try as we may...we still look like a mess!

ok here are pictures of shelby's first day of middle school and Kai's first day of 8th grade!

The Guthrie's in 2006

The Guthrie's in 2006