" I believe in the sun even when it is not love even when I am alone...and in God even when He is silent."

inscription found scatched into a wall in Germany, by someone hiding from Nazi concentration camps

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yeah...I'm one of those crazy moms!

My kids are in love with this new boy...Justin Bieber. About a week ago I was driving Sadie, my 5th grader to school and a big announcement came on the radio. JB was coming to our gets a Roller Rink :) and the only way to get tickets is to win them on the radio station(you can't buy them)! Sadie could barely breathe! Saturdays are spent at our house with my 3 girls and their friends calling the radio station ALL day long....even Kai and her bff Ella who are in High School were in...they actually were the ones who started all this Bieber craziness! 2 days ago the station announced that they were going to have a raffle for only adults to give to their kids and so the calling and redialing began. I have had horrible headaches for almost 2 weeks now...but the jumping and dancing with the girls took my mind off of my pain (weird, huh....don't worry...I think I paid for it later!) Even if we didn't win...the girls saw my crazy and we would laugh and dance...I even talked to 3 different DJ's and the girls were cracking up...but I never won. So everyone was at school today except for little miss Sadie....and today is Ella's bday! They called the first winner and she wasn't home and they only got her answering machine....then my call you first I totally thought it was the radio station ....but then they PUNK'D me....only I would get PUNK'D while winning something! And these tickets are MEET AND GREET, VIP AND THEN THE CONCERT!

WARNING - TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME...I totally freaked out....not for me but for the my credit, Sadie is in the background screaming too!

BUT THE BEST PART IS THIS- I really have been trying to keep everything together these past 9 months. This was a hard kids didn't want to leave their home and friends of 8years, pretty much all they knew in NC. We have had some rough times being here. And before all of finally has hit me. I am in the RS presidency, I keep busy...but recently I finally let myself feel...and I have been sad. I miss my home I worked hard to build, I miss friends and mostly it hurts to see your kids hurt. Miss Ella has been a friend to Kai and a great one-they have even made trouble together....she has given Kai joy...without her I think that we would seriously have Kai on anti-depressants....and then my other 2 girls follow their big sister...if she can cope then they do too. So today is a good day...I was blessed to win these tickets on Ella's may be a boy-crush concert for the girls but I am cool in their eyes and we keep pushing along!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

To Blog or hang with the Horses in my front yard???

I have sooo much to catch up this is a test to anyone who may even know that I have a blog...comments will inspire me...and hopefully a catch-up will keep the blog in me flowing...but in case you were wondering why I haven't been is the run down:
A week in the hospital with Aunt Mo, many doctor visits, Kai becoming a cheerleader at her High School, school starting with one school 15+miles in opposite directions of each other, kids at 3 different schools, soccer starting, speech for Jake, lots of summer trips to Calif. a couple of times, Oregon a couple of times, Utah, lots of trips to Lake Tahoe, Paul gone all the time, my calling in RS, clothing fair, pear orders, VT conferences to conduct, scorpions to kill (told the kids it was just a bug) I took over a 1000 pictures this summer-where do I start, cats to love, visiting teaching to do, and dinner to cook :) and wild horses that come and eat the grass in our front yard (side note: Kai's HS is "home of the Mustangs" and near the front of the school there are "caution wild horses" signs. I thought it was for school spirit when we first moved is reallllllly for wild horses!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

An "O.k. then" moment

Today while driving the kids home from school Jake said (and I quote) "Mommy, mommy, k...mommy - can you get me an emergency light and 20 laser beams?" to which I said "and Jake what do you need that for?" and Jake replied "you'll just have to see mommy!" Hmmmmmmmm.....have you ever watched this show? It's called Phineas and Ferb....I can only imagine what is going through my little 6year olds head!

Monday, April 27, 2009

How much time do you have for a blog Marathon?

I know....I blogs are far and few grey hairs show how little time I have for much in my life lately...and blogging has taken a few major blows-do any of you even read my postings anyone out there????
So to my few remaining fans....I will prove to you that I have been up to "good" and the raising of my children!
Let's begin...
I am new to this area...and with the warm weather my kindness has been in bloom...the kids and I made up some "edible" bouquets to deliver to friends that have helped make this move more "gentle" on our family....I wish I could of sent all of you some of these tasty treats....who doesn't love being thought of??? We all need some thoughtfulness from time to don't wait for someone to bake you a goodie...go - bake- give!

Next, It's Baseball/softball Season.....Yeah!
Now, while Kailee-my 14yr. old looks great in her softball gear....who out there doesn't want to just squeeze my adorable 6yr old. in his little league uniform?

I's not the Baltimore Orioles...he's not wearing his Uncle's team...but I'll root and cheer on this little Texas Ranger any day....he really loves his sports! Paul was home this weekend and getting Jake ready for his game-He just loves it when his Daddy is home to go to games with him and it helps us keep the faith that one day Jake may just let go of the umbilical cord that binds Jake to his mommy constantly...sports shows us a glimpse of how a boy doesn't need his mommy-especially out on the field-it's a "boy only "thing and Daddy is much needed! Any-Who! Paul said to Jake something like "Jake it will be fun and you'll have a good time" and with his usual sigh to our parental dumbness Jake said "No, Daddy it's only about winning-that's the most important thing"...Sure He looks like his daddy-he loves his mommy -but where did this little guy learn that??? Again he is cute and we just love watching the hard work our children put in to being a part of a team...and to do well for themselves too! Go... hard!
And now we go to our Spring break 2009=2 extra kids-a lot of celebrities-and family time!Our sweet friends from North Carolina sent out their 2 girls, Carly and Kendall, to spend the break with us. They flew in Sat. night and Sunday was Easter. And what an Easter it was...Kai, Paul and I were the whole Easter program at church...yeah! I have given a million talks before but coming off the tailwind move, visitors coming, Paul traveling, and our plans to drive to L.A. right after church-my head was spinning...I am not so sure that anything I said made sense...but Paul and Kai did great on their talks. It was really nice to take some time to really think through what this Easter season means to me-sometimes we run and run and I forget to really slow it down a bit and think of what really matters. Giving this talk "urged" me to reflect on a deeper level how the ressurection means everything to me-what hopes and promises it holds-and how there is so much joy and love in knowing that our Savior died for us and showed us the talk may have been jibbersh but pulling out of my heart what I know and feel-I don't regret one bit!
My 6 kids for Easter! The bunny loves them all!

Sooooo off to L.A. we went...on Monday the weather was great and we had a relaxing time at the pool...Tuesday was a bit different...the winds kicked in and it wasn't the best day for the beach....but read on my friends and you will see how to make lemonade out of lemons!
We found a little pizzeria(delish!) on Hermosa beach since the sand and wind was not exactly ideal...see photo above! But we made the most of it!
Shelby and Kendall
Kai and Carly
We salvaged that part of the day with pizza and cute pictures of the kids at beach and then headed back to we turned into the parking lot of our hotel I noticed a sign that said "filming" with an arrow pointing next to our parking lot...turned around and said to all 8 of us...let's check it out...Carly and Kendall start yelling "it's CSI Miami"...o.k our day is starting to catch some action!

It ends up they film the "crime scene unit" building right next to our hotel...the site manager comes out and tell us that he'd be happy to send some of the stars out as soon as they have a break in filming...tells us to come back in a bit and that they love to connect with their fans. He gives us the low down on how this is the season finale being filmed, etc. We go back to our room and clean up...go back and everyone is so friendly to us...Emily Proctor and her bodyguard come out and just talk and talk with the kids...she was the nicest ever...she is from North Carolina too and pulls out her sweet southern talk...just so great with the kids. I am no celeb crazy was just fun for the kids and Emily couldn't of been more down to earth acting non-celeb! It was great and the kids just ate it up....I saw her fake badge and gun and said that I had to get a photo of she went all out and posed for us...she was great!
Way fun...and then we were off to just "see" hollywood Blvd. and take one quick picture of a star on the Blvd. We didn't dress for a night out 'cause we just had to see the hollywood sign and say we experienced L.A. and grab a few photos. Driving down the Blvd. we noticed some craziness up ahead of us in front of the Kodak theatre.....lots of limos and lots of lights!
Paul pulls up to the security guys and I roll down my window....they come up to the car with their ear pieces in and tell me that it's the premier of "17 again" and that they were just told that Zach Effron will be showing up in about 45minutes and to pull over and go right across the street and that Zach will come across the street to see us....what a kind man...he tells us one else has a we park and wait.....and the stars just start rolling in! Literally!
Yeah I know...I am a celebrity magnet....and they just keep coming...we are just a few yards from the limos and cars shuffling in the stars...and so for the sake of my children I stand on my tip-toes for 2 hours snapping the shots....with screaming fans...celebs running across the street to see us...all in a days work in L.A.!

Lots of back shots....Allie and AJ
Matthew Perry...takes off to see us....way nice guy....and THEN the Jonas brothers....holy cow!

And then the American Idols who were left at that point....smiling ear to ear to hear fans screaming for them! (I have sooo many more photos...but Vanesa Hudgens was a snot and wouldn't turn for the fans...and this blog could go on and on but I think you get the point and feel the rush of being right there!)
And then back home to do some baking...renting dvds and to just chill before we went to the premeir in our home town of "17 again". We took the girls to Tahoe and did more shopping. It was so great to have the girls visit us...I survived having 6 kids...even though it was like having 2 sets of twins in the mix...but they are a great bunch of kids!
We finished up the break with a bang. Our visitors left on Saturday Morning (well ,were supposed to and then their flights were cancelled-all while we had headed up to being Mormon and calling on friends came in handy to pick up the girls and keep them overnight till their flight left the next morning!) and we took off for Utah...Paul had work to do-he worked the whole time while we hung out with my sis and her fiance'(a whole other blog worked at Johns cafe in Taipan....loved it!), Darolyn's fiance' was trying to put together a proposal so we could be there for it and Jake had some dental work done which required sedation and a lot of stress on his mommy.....but it was a great extended weekend and we returned late Tuesday night. I think I am still recovering! Paul works like crazy...he never takes down time....I work like crazy and never have down time...and somehow we pull it all off. I hear of all these get-a-ways with the hubby and Paul and I could only dream of it at this stage in our just isn't in the cards for us right now. I really need to get out the pictures of past get-a-ways to remind me that our time will again come...He is my best friend. The running around that we do (or that I do) isn't as simple as it used to be. Teenagers change things...when we lived in North Carolina we had resources that allowed us to "hire" friends to watch the kids. Now I look at my calendar and don't know how I make it to can't hire out for this current lifestyle! It's my life and I love it. I may not find the time to blog enough, call enough, write, or send way over-due birthday packages...but I'm still here. One day I'll get a better grip and post weekly or daily or at least more often. Thanks for grudging through my ramblings-we all need a trip away(even with 6 kids) or encounters with celebs to remind us how fabulous our lives are....and in case it isn't happening in your on my friends and we'll share it in our blogs!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Another reason why there is Nothing like a boy!

I looked back and saw Jake in the back seat of the car playing on the way to drop him off at there anything better than seeing a boy's imagination at play....after 3 girls this never ceases to tickle, planes, trucks....please stay little Jake and play with legos, and cars.... and get big eyes when you see a tractor or dump truck, or Garbage truck going down the road! (P.S. my choices at this moment are to 1. take a shower now or I won't get one today 2. follow through on the threat to the 2 girls that if their rooms aren't picked up before going to school that when they come home all that is left out will be confiscated 3. start dinner or there will be no dinner with the running off to softball practice 4. blogging 5. eating lunch so I don't binge on "crap food" later cause I didn't eat lunch........guess which choice I choose?)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's time to put the plate away

This is the birthday plate that my friend Gil made us years ago....and I am usually happy to put it away at the end of needs to rest until has seen a lot of action in the past month-3 birthday breakfasts-at least 5 rounds of birthday cakes-the poor plate just needs a break! (and so does the mommy who has to wash this plate and prepare all the treats that adorn it)
We made it. Jake had a great birthday! My youngest child is officially 6 and no matter how many years go by he will always be my baby. We took him to chuck e cheese for lunch. On the way there Jake showed some confusion about going there for lunch so I told him that the "chuckster" was lunch and that after school we were going to eat at a nicer place for dinner with Aunt Mo. Jake quickly responded with "ohhhh, we are going to eat at McDonalds"? He is YEARS away from earning a trip with mom and dad to Ruth Cris! I love this boy....oh how I love this boy! Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me this little guy with an adorable lisp, a love for his mommy and the best little cuddle guy I could ever have. I call him my "boy wonder" because I really do marvel at how he just melts my he sees the world...and how I just love him!

lego cake.....for a lego lovin' kid!
NEXT-Kailee turned 14 the very next day. Kailee was our first baby....she really defines why we kept having kids...she is so great, sweet, good! I was driving her to school on her birthday and said (she's still the new kid and only knows a handful of new friends)"Kai is it o.k. to bring ya flowers and balloons today" of which she let me know that she really doesn't want that attention and that she's all good. I then said "I guess a singing telegram performed by your dad is out then?" She just looked at me like -"I would die!" She is a good sport. We took her to a casino buffet...come on now...she's 14...gotta start the clubbing early! Just kidding...we live in Nevada...all the finer restaurants (McDonalds excluded) tend to be in Casinos! She got a virgin strawberry daquiri that was as big as her head (which isn't big at all!) but the drink was. It was a nice evening to spend with our first baby who is really growing up way toooooo fast. She is applying for this program called the International Bacalaureate which are courses that are a few steps above AP and earn college credit. The next day she collected some letters of recommendations from teachers. All the letters were exceptional but one in particular touched Paul and I so deeply. When we enrolled Kai in school, a senior gave us the tour of campus and upon seeeing who Kailee-our little 8th grader-had for geometry, he informed us that this was a tough teacher. He is a tough grader and gives no slack to anyone. This is an excerpt from this teachers' letter of recommendation:

"Kailee recently moved from North Carolina to Reno, NV and enrolled at Damonte Ranch High School for the second semester. As an eighth grade student she was placed in my Formal Geometry class and at first I was concerned that she would have trouble transitioning into the class, but she quickly put my concerns to rest. Not only did Kailee put my concerns to rest, but she has become one of the top students in the class. In the short time that I have known Kailee I have found her to be an incredibly bright young lady with a bright future ahead of her. Kailee is an excellent student, but she is also a very well rounded individual. Kailee Guthrie is motivated to succeed and interested in challenging herself academically."
There is much more but I just had to post how neat it is to see others seeing the light that we see in our own children. Kailee is not just a pretty face and a smart girl...she is a light. There is something different about our children....they stand out because they try to do what's right. I am so grateful that my children try to live the gospel and that they are building a relationship with their Heavenly Father. It is needed....I am a lucky mom!
So birthdays are complete until July when my Shelby turns 12 and is a "young woman". I have a few months to prepare for that melt down. One day these little guys will see how a mom's heart aches and celebrates at each birthday. One day they will be I love them enough? Do I let them know how unique and awesome they are enough? Will I teach them all they need to know before they leave? I love birthdays but I wouldn't mind keeping them young a few more years!

Monday, February 23, 2009

My baby girl is Double Digits!

this post is sooooo overdue....on February 15th my baby last to let me braid, put pigtails and bows in her wear ballerina outfits, twirl, to love pink and hello kitty......she turned ten. She loves to wear brown and grey now. My days of barbie dolls are gone until I am ever so fortunate to be a grandmother...and that day will soooo be welcomed because girls are my life....for the minor exception of one little man!

Sadie can put the pink away and box up all of her hello kitty things....but dear daughter of can't hide that contagious smile and that twinkle in your eyes that came with you the day you were born. Your chubby little cheeks are still chubby to me and you are one of the cutest little girls to grace this earth. I am so lucky to be your mommy. You love your Heavenly Father and really care about doing what's right. You are so smart and try so hard. You love your family and we would not be us without you! Thanks for coming to our family.....your laugh is contagious and your smile heals. I love you....and you deserve all the celebrating that you seem to expect....thanks for being you!

Thursday, February 5, 2009's February!

It's February and that means 3 children's birthdays, weekend visits from the hubby, school projects due, valentines day (yeah on a weekend when my valentine is home) and more boxes to unpack. 2 of the offspring want parties-can't say no or divert after the mandatory move accross the country. Anybody out there have a spare dash of energy they can lend me???? Help!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What I've been up to...try to read it all really fast because that's the speed of my life!

I know I have disappeared for awhile but it just didn't seem right to be blogging when we couldn't even find our silverware! I only have an hour and a half to myself everyday now that Jake has gone from all day kindergarten to half day(really just 2.5 hours-haha to half day!). So here is my life in rewind:

A week before Christmas -not even a week and we were to be moving to Nevada. We celebrated Christmas and took the day to just relax and be a family...went to 2 different friends homes to have a wonderful relaxing meal...and then the farce was off....madness started and the packing time to even cry...and barely even time to say goodbye to some of the best people I have ever known in my life! (I miss the the california girl...I miss the south...)
We had a 2800 mile trek in front of is the dead of winter...and all I could worry about was being safe...making it across the country and most importantly making it to see my BFF, Gil and her family in Texas. We left on a Saturday and got to Texas on Monday....only a pit stop and not even at the half way mark...but it was the best 24 hours even if I was a zombie!

Gil the the Zombie!

Claire Ashton was there to greet us and there to see us off....oh how we love our Claire and her animal taming abilities! Her hugs are the best also and could just go on and on! love ya Claire

Guthrie's + Ashton they have they have grown...but the love is there!

Kailee and Lauren...we had our eyes on them in case they broke out the swimsuits to dance around in or got an idea to smear peanut butter all over the couches!

I had to add this picture of Kai and Lauren in 99...the couch in the background is the infamous "peanut butter couch"

Sadie and Aubrey....last time together they were in diapers...stealing binkies and popsicles from each other!

Jake and Claire...instant bff's...who couldn't be with little lively Claire!

We made it and the kids were excited to see the at the two semi trucks arriving with our "goods" (tired of the truck drivers telling us we had alot of stuff) and the work ahead.

Our first week here and it consisted of

1. shots for all the kids

2. my dad visiting for 6 days

3. Paul's parents visiting
4. my sister visiting for 5 days

5. enrolling the kids in school

6. setting up all the cable and utilities

7. many $300 trips to walmart

8. waking up at 3am 'cause we couldn't get off east coast time

9. more shots for the kids so they could stay in school...with finding a doctor to fit them in

10. boxes and more boxes and still more boxes

11. throwing a surprise 80th birthday party at our house for Aunt Mo

12. just trying to find a dress to wear to church and trying to find that darn silverware and a cord for one of the gaming systems (aka Jake's babysitter)

13. Jake finally agreeing to take off his training wheels (which haven't even touched the ground for the past year but were his "safety net of comfort" for him

How the day started...Jake just gave up

How it ended...he was even standing up on the pedals-no seat-going up and down grass hills-no spills all day!

We made it! Paul is off on his second of many trips back East for work. I am left with the kids and grateful for the quiet moments to just help the kids get adjusted. Our lives have been blessed. Thanks to my 70 year old dad who helped up us unload....grateful to new experiences that await us. Grateful for good weather and a safe trip here. Grateful to my children who had to leave good friends and who took all their shots and walking into new schools alone with a possitive attitude...even though it is hard! And lastly...I am grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who manifests Himself each and everytime I feel I can no longer do this all alone! He has crossed every T and dotted every I when I could do no more! I guess I am back!

The Guthrie's in 2006

The Guthrie's in 2006