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Thursday, June 11, 2009

An "O.k. then" moment

Today while driving the kids home from school Jake said (and I quote) "Mommy, mommy, k...mommy - can you get me an emergency light and 20 laser beams?" to which I said "and Jake what do you need that for?" and Jake replied "you'll just have to see mommy!" Hmmmmmmmm.....have you ever watched this show? It's called Phineas and Ferb....I can only imagine what is going through my little 6year olds head!


Cheri Cerny said...

So, I wanna know... did you get the items?? I'm dying to hear what he does with them :)

Paul and Kristina said...

Hilarious!!! I am sure you bought them right a way. That little man has you wrapped around his finger.
My boys love that show and those two boys are always up to something.

The Guthrie's in 2006

The Guthrie's in 2006