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Thursday, September 17, 2009

To Blog or hang with the Horses in my front yard???

I have sooo much to catch up this is a test to anyone who may even know that I have a blog...comments will inspire me...and hopefully a catch-up will keep the blog in me flowing...but in case you were wondering why I haven't been is the run down:
A week in the hospital with Aunt Mo, many doctor visits, Kai becoming a cheerleader at her High School, school starting with one school 15+miles in opposite directions of each other, kids at 3 different schools, soccer starting, speech for Jake, lots of summer trips to Calif. a couple of times, Oregon a couple of times, Utah, lots of trips to Lake Tahoe, Paul gone all the time, my calling in RS, clothing fair, pear orders, VT conferences to conduct, scorpions to kill (told the kids it was just a bug) I took over a 1000 pictures this summer-where do I start, cats to love, visiting teaching to do, and dinner to cook :) and wild horses that come and eat the grass in our front yard (side note: Kai's HS is "home of the Mustangs" and near the front of the school there are "caution wild horses" signs. I thought it was for school spirit when we first moved is reallllllly for wild horses!


Cheri C. said...

WAIT!!! I missed the scorpions!!! WHAT???

LOVE the misreading of the sign about the horses. I would have done the same thing --- GO MUSTANGSSSS!!!

Good to hear from you again... and when you get a chance, take it easy :)

♥Shally said...

My kids would looooove to have horses to play with!

And scorpions are not my friends either. :)

Shaharac said...

YES YES YES I read, each time you post. And, usually soon after you do blog, so, even you are not writing, just put up pictures - is that any easier?
I love how crazy your life is, b/c I know when I think mine is going to become easier with all the kids in school - that's my fantasy. From reading how crazy your life is, I know it's going be a different kind of chaos and busy. I kind of know the different school stuff, I had kids at 3 schools last year, pre-school, Marisa's charter school and Maya's district kindergarten. Now all 3 of the older kids are in the same school, but I still go 3 times a day not including the volunteering I am suppose to do. I take the girls, then have Kindergarten afternoon drop off, then pick all 3 up. Oh and I feel ya - dance, soccer, piano, basketball and homework.
Oh - and Tom is living 2 1/2 hours away for 8 days - every other week, I HATE THAT! Him being gone is the worst part, especially b/c I like him - I know you can relate b/c you have a huge crush on Paul. So, my comment, was a novel, we need a phone call or lunch.

Alice Wills Gold said...

That is cool! So cool!

♥Stef said...

I would totally go for hangin' with wild horses. That is TOTALLY cool!! I have never seen wild horses, does it make you want to catch and keep one?

Paul and Kristina said...

Holy Smokes! They were right in your front yard. I love that. The colt is so cute.
I am so happy that you gave a us a teaser to your blogging. I hope we see more. If we didn't live so close I'd be bugging you for more.
What about the scorpion? Do we have those here, I have never seen one.

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