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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Yeah...I'm one of those crazy moms!

My kids are in love with this new boy...Justin Bieber. About a week ago I was driving Sadie, my 5th grader to school and a big announcement came on the radio. JB was coming to our gets a Roller Rink :) and the only way to get tickets is to win them on the radio station(you can't buy them)! Sadie could barely breathe! Saturdays are spent at our house with my 3 girls and their friends calling the radio station ALL day long....even Kai and her bff Ella who are in High School were in...they actually were the ones who started all this Bieber craziness! 2 days ago the station announced that they were going to have a raffle for only adults to give to their kids and so the calling and redialing began. I have had horrible headaches for almost 2 weeks now...but the jumping and dancing with the girls took my mind off of my pain (weird, huh....don't worry...I think I paid for it later!) Even if we didn't win...the girls saw my crazy and we would laugh and dance...I even talked to 3 different DJ's and the girls were cracking up...but I never won. So everyone was at school today except for little miss Sadie....and today is Ella's bday! They called the first winner and she wasn't home and they only got her answering machine....then my call you first I totally thought it was the radio station ....but then they PUNK'D me....only I would get PUNK'D while winning something! And these tickets are MEET AND GREET, VIP AND THEN THE CONCERT!

WARNING - TURN DOWN YOUR VOLUME...I totally freaked out....not for me but for the my credit, Sadie is in the background screaming too!

BUT THE BEST PART IS THIS- I really have been trying to keep everything together these past 9 months. This was a hard kids didn't want to leave their home and friends of 8years, pretty much all they knew in NC. We have had some rough times being here. And before all of finally has hit me. I am in the RS presidency, I keep busy...but recently I finally let myself feel...and I have been sad. I miss my home I worked hard to build, I miss friends and mostly it hurts to see your kids hurt. Miss Ella has been a friend to Kai and a great one-they have even made trouble together....she has given Kai joy...without her I think that we would seriously have Kai on anti-depressants....and then my other 2 girls follow their big sister...if she can cope then they do too. So today is a good day...I was blessed to win these tickets on Ella's may be a boy-crush concert for the girls but I am cool in their eyes and we keep pushing along!


Cheri C. said... HECK!! That was too good. I'm so glad you won those tickets. That's what it is all about on this little old earth... memories made. I'm glad you have some good memories now. I think of you guys often (I actually did forget you had a blog, however... thank goodness for google reader to let me know when you update things). Take care for now and have a great holiday season(let me know if you make it up this way and I'll come see you guys this time).

Shaharac said...

THAT MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD! Jen, I love you! I could see Sadie's cute little excited head in the radio! You are the coolest mom ever. Have a great time.

Kristina said...

You are so funny. I cannot believe your luck, I mean seriously? You are unbelievable. You have this connection with the celebs. BTW I have no idea who the crap Justin Beiber is when you told me I thought his last name was Beaver.

Jen H said...

That is totally awesome! You ARE the coolest mom on the planet (I have no idea who this kid is either . . ??). I just want to know who made the video? Were you driving, recording, and talking on the phone or what. A woman of many skills . . . again, awesome.

Alice Wills Gold said...

Sounds like it could have been me...i am one of those moms too. I cannot tell you how many times I have been on the radio.

Yeah for you and your girls!!!!

that is awesome.

And I hope that you feel more at home with every passing day.

Karmen said...

I can just see your crazy dance as you are laughing with your daughters. You must be an incredible mom. I feel for the moving sadness--we've been on the move too, and can't wait until we settle in somewhere. Love you! Karmen

Amanda said...

Hi Jen, just snooping around from Facebook looking for people's blogs. Your family is so beautiful. It's great to see that you are all doing so well. I'm a tad jealous of all your craftiness. I have my four in school now but am working part time and can't seem to fit that stuff in. I hope you guys have a great year. I've started a blog but it's a bit rough right now. You can check it out if you have time.

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