" I believe in the sun even when it is not love even when I am alone...and in God even when He is silent."

inscription found scatched into a wall in Germany, by someone hiding from Nazi concentration camps

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What I've been up to...try to read it all really fast because that's the speed of my life!

I know I have disappeared for awhile but it just didn't seem right to be blogging when we couldn't even find our silverware! I only have an hour and a half to myself everyday now that Jake has gone from all day kindergarten to half day(really just 2.5 hours-haha to half day!). So here is my life in rewind:

A week before Christmas -not even a week and we were to be moving to Nevada. We celebrated Christmas and took the day to just relax and be a family...went to 2 different friends homes to have a wonderful relaxing meal...and then the farce was off....madness started and the packing time to even cry...and barely even time to say goodbye to some of the best people I have ever known in my life! (I miss the the california girl...I miss the south...)
We had a 2800 mile trek in front of is the dead of winter...and all I could worry about was being safe...making it across the country and most importantly making it to see my BFF, Gil and her family in Texas. We left on a Saturday and got to Texas on Monday....only a pit stop and not even at the half way mark...but it was the best 24 hours even if I was a zombie!

Gil the the Zombie!

Claire Ashton was there to greet us and there to see us off....oh how we love our Claire and her animal taming abilities! Her hugs are the best also and could just go on and on! love ya Claire

Guthrie's + Ashton they have they have grown...but the love is there!

Kailee and Lauren...we had our eyes on them in case they broke out the swimsuits to dance around in or got an idea to smear peanut butter all over the couches!

I had to add this picture of Kai and Lauren in 99...the couch in the background is the infamous "peanut butter couch"

Sadie and Aubrey....last time together they were in diapers...stealing binkies and popsicles from each other!

Jake and Claire...instant bff's...who couldn't be with little lively Claire!

We made it and the kids were excited to see the at the two semi trucks arriving with our "goods" (tired of the truck drivers telling us we had alot of stuff) and the work ahead.

Our first week here and it consisted of

1. shots for all the kids

2. my dad visiting for 6 days

3. Paul's parents visiting
4. my sister visiting for 5 days

5. enrolling the kids in school

6. setting up all the cable and utilities

7. many $300 trips to walmart

8. waking up at 3am 'cause we couldn't get off east coast time

9. more shots for the kids so they could stay in school...with finding a doctor to fit them in

10. boxes and more boxes and still more boxes

11. throwing a surprise 80th birthday party at our house for Aunt Mo

12. just trying to find a dress to wear to church and trying to find that darn silverware and a cord for one of the gaming systems (aka Jake's babysitter)

13. Jake finally agreeing to take off his training wheels (which haven't even touched the ground for the past year but were his "safety net of comfort" for him

How the day started...Jake just gave up

How it ended...he was even standing up on the pedals-no seat-going up and down grass hills-no spills all day!

We made it! Paul is off on his second of many trips back East for work. I am left with the kids and grateful for the quiet moments to just help the kids get adjusted. Our lives have been blessed. Thanks to my 70 year old dad who helped up us unload....grateful to new experiences that await us. Grateful for good weather and a safe trip here. Grateful to my children who had to leave good friends and who took all their shots and walking into new schools alone with a possitive attitude...even though it is hard! And lastly...I am grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who manifests Himself each and everytime I feel I can no longer do this all alone! He has crossed every T and dotted every I when I could do no more! I guess I am back!


Shahara said...

Jen -this makes me tired! You need help find silverware or even to go to Wal Mart with. I wish I could give you a big hug. You are amazing and the kids are too. I hope you guys get settled in your new place. Sending you love from Utah!

Cheri Cerny said...

Glad to finally hear how everything went... glad you are safe. I got a job in UT - selling homes... so, we'll see for how long -

Let me know if you come this way!!

♥Stef said...

Wow, what a trek! I am glad you made it ok! Looks like you had a lot of fun along the way!! Good luck with settling in!

Crazy Mama said...

You're back, girl! Yippee. You deserve a much needed va-cay...maybe a trip to ohio. I wouldn't dare do that to you this time of year. We are glad you are safe and sound. It couldn't have happened without the big man upstairs. We love you!!!

guthriejen said...

Thank you for the books. Ava loves them and has been playing with them tons already. Glad you made the move ok.

The Guthrie's in 2006

The Guthrie's in 2006